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News  –  (end)August 2022

     Since our return from the conference a couple weeks ago, we have been working many hours daily on many GEET related tasks, mainly in the office.   Taking phone calls and answering emails eats up a lot of time, but it’s nice to meet so many like-minded people with the same vision of GEET ending poverty and pollution for the world.EXHAUST-GAS-ANALYSER-GA-954

     As I mentioned in the last update, our immediate goal is to get a gas analyzer.   This is for the research and development process.  We need it to show the results, but also to help us achieve those results in the first place.

     I had several thousand dollars saved up 5 weeks ago when I stepped away from dome building to prepare for the conference.   We got a very valuable donation of a Magic the Gathering card (mentioned in last update) at the conference, but it would be most prudent for us to hold onto it until we can get a return on the higher end of it’s range-of-value.

     Between gas to get to the conference, lab and office expenses, we’re down to close to zero, with $2000 due in the next couple days.   I could cover it by spending weeks building domes instead of working on GEET, but I would rather get a GEET student or two, so I can afford to take the time over the next couple weeks to continue working online and on the generator.

     I would like to be able to continue to put most of my time into GEET,  online, in the lab, and on the road.  The current generator project, when finished, will help in many ways to make that happen.

     One highest purpose of this project is to supply all active dealers with a new set of plans and piece of equipment ready for sales.

     I wish to incentivize all GEET researchers to be as open with their progress as possible, to ensure that progress isn’t lost in the future.

You’ve seen ready-to-use generators here before, and you will again, but this time exact plans for this generator
will also be available.

I plan to make free sets of personal-use plans for this project as well.

Your contribution right now would be timely and extremely helpful.

Become the member of you community who brings this world-saving game-changer to the table.

     Please email to inquire about the GEET Classes this September in Canada or California, to inquire about research partnership opportunities, or make a single or recurring-monthly donation through the donate button.

Licensed GEET Instructor, Josh Green, Alberta Canada-  joshthegasfitter@gmail.com

GEET HQ, David Pantone, California U.S. –  info@geetinternational.com


News  –  (mid)August 2022

We had a great time at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2022!


We’re pushing forward on R&D on a 4000 peak-watt generator we hope to be able to finish this autumn.

The funds required, we are earning by building geodesic domes, so progress is gradual.

The next purchase we plan to make is a 7-in-1 gas analyzer



to the folks who made donations covering the cost of our two new double-faced GEET Banners!

and to the awesome guy who donated these two highly collectable “Magic the Gathering” cards!

The card “The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale” is estimated to be worth $4,500 to $15,000.

We would like to “trade-up”, and exchange this for something more valuable.

Can you help us trade-up to a cargo ship we can retrofit with GEET?

What can you give us for this card?

Contact info@GEETInternational.com

Keep tracking the progress as we post about each trade on this site!

IMG_20220816_074515592 IMG_20220817_144010674 IMG_20220817_143821569 IMG_20220816_074557419


Call TeslaTech for super-early-bird discount to register to attend the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2023!

TeslaTech … (520) 463-1994

You can order DVDs of any of the presentations at the 2022 conference at https://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/etcframe.htm

DVD’s are only $30 each.

Registration fees and DVD sales go in part to securing the best location for the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2023!

We hope to see you there!

Subscribe to the TeslaTech Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2lSZKpX1E5aSnOt11BJf3g to watch presentations from previous years of the conference.


Licensed GEET Instructor Josh Green is planning a GEET Class for this September 2022 in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Contact Josh directly to inquire about this or future classes at:



You can contact info@GEETInternational.com for GEET Classes in Northern California.   Please leave your phone number and any other contact information to help us keep in touch.   Many of our outgoing email messages never make it to the recipient.

News –  July 2022


The ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2022 is happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico next month, August 10th – 14th!

Join us there to connect in person, and start working together to manifest widespread knowledge and application of the fastest and easiest way to end poverty and pollution which is GEET!

In addition to GEET there will be many other speakers/presenters, as well as a ton of other tech to see and try out!

Register at https://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.html

Donations for our trip to participate in this conference can be made through the PayPal donation button on the right-hand side of this page or if you have a PayPal account, you can send directly to “friends & family” to David@GEETClub.com to avoid PayPal charging us a transfer fee.

See you all soon!

David Pantone
and the rest of The GEET International Institute Team


The latest development from GEET research labs is ready for orders!

***GEET retrofitted generator***-  Runs at full load, saving 25%- 33% fuel, and practically completely eliminates pollution!

Plans with technical support to retrofit your own Honda gx160 generator are now available through your local Licensed GEET Dealer.   Email info@geetinternational.com to make your order.

For a lot of valuable information including a demonstration and proof of functionality of the Honda gx160 GEET unit watch the following video:

I believe if enough people have the courage to look at the evidence and respond with action, with GEET as the next step, we can wipe out poverty and pollution across the planet in the next few years.   Though our (Geet International’s) main focus is GEET technology, we highly value and are working with other inventors and sustainability engineers to make sure all the most essential and responsible items have a place to be made available to every human being.

We will continue to pool our knowledge and resources and grow in numbers.   We hope you are the next to join in.  Sales of the gx160 unit plans will generate funds for research and plans for other pieces of equipment.

If you don’t have any means to retrofit a generator, or take a class, etc…  You can still offer the most valuable resource which is your voice.  See for yourself.  Think for yourself.  Tell people what you see and think.  Inevitably, though perhaps indirectly, you will empower yourself.

Wishing everyone good health and abundance,

David Pantone and the rest of the GEET International team

September 2016 Newsletter
Dear Humanity,

On the 14th day of December 2015, beloved father, super-genius, inventor, and crusader for globally inclusive prosperity, Paul Pantone passed from physical to aetherical existence.   His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.  Several people have reported the appearance of Paul (my dad) in their dreams since then with some being aided by him with much needed technical advice.  His spirit lives on and is with us.

I send my deepest gratitude to all of you who sent messages of appreciation for my dad’s contribution to and sacrifice for humanity and our Mother Earth.  I am also ever grateful to be in company of those like you who are carrying on sharing our purpose and passion to end to poverty and pollution across the planet.

To that end it is our pleasure to announce:

GEET Classes continue!

Crash course classes in Canada and the United States are already scheduled with a cap of 10 to 20 students per class.  We expect spots to fill up within a few days of this newsletter being published.  Classes will cover how to build a reactor, install a reactor on a small engine, large engine and general theory, and hands on work.  Includes after class Technical Support by your chosen instructor.

There are several more Licensed GEET instructors on every continent world-wide.   More GEET Class locations and schedules will be announced in the next newsletter.

Calgary, Canada Class:

Licensed GEET Instructor Josh Green
September 26th through the 28th.
Contact Josh Green at joshthegasfitter@gmail.com
1 (403) 815-6507

Maine, United States Class:

Licensed GEET Instructor Jeremy Marcotte
Group/Early Bird discounts are available.
Oct 22&23 and Nov 5&6
Contact Jeremy Marcotte at
Skype: geetrofits

For inquiries regarding getting one-year technical support for $350 from on of our qualified Licensed GEET Dealers, and for inquiries regarding becoming a Licenced GEET Dealer, contact info@geetinternational.com

Also, “Book of GEET Part 2” and the new “GEET Green” certified products will be coming soon.

Wishing you all the best,

David Pantone
GEET International

November 2015 News

For many years companies and individuals have asked to put advertising up on our site and we refused. But a change of heart has occurred. Rather than paid advertising, we will let you know of products and how to get them yourself direct, or through some of our Dealers. But this will only happen after we know how good the product really is.
Our Book 2 about why GEET is not out there for everyone is now available in EBook form through our website www.geetinternational.com
Although it is 250 pages, it is only a summary of the events that has held back the technology. But in the process over the last 37 years has opened up fields of science not found in schools or books, it is time for all of this knowledge to be in your hands.
Book 3 is already being written and will expose more science that we can now validate. There will be many projects for you as a family.
Due to the amount of new discoveries and time required to teach GEET, we will be selling plans through November at the same $350.00 for the three pieces for personal use only. But beginning in December Plans will be raised to $500.00 for three pieces of equipment or $250.00 for each specific piece.
Up to this point we only offer the License/plans for engines. But we will be expanding to many other fields of application and energy. The Digester/heater is more important to those who live in very cold areas.
When we post any new product or service as being “GEET Green”, we are sharing the people we know who have great products. Not all GEET Dealers have chosen to sell all of the products and have no obligation to do so. But many of the approved products will be available through our Dealers found on our “affiliates” section.
Dealerships are available again and will be trained by Skype or in person. For information contact Paul Pantone at paul.pantone@yahoo.com
More added daily.

GEET BOOK 2 is now finished at at the editors!

During the editing process we are having a pre-sale, selling copies of The Book of GEET volume 2 for $25 until the end of this month.

The Book of GEET Volume 2 is the story of GEET which contains many of political issues and a heartbreaking reality of governments around the world; How GEET came to be and what has held it back from the market place.



The transcript for the documentary of the gun-point robbery of Paul Pantone and GEET International is now fully written and available for any serious producer.  

This similar to the Nikola Tesla story though the names have changed since JP Morgan is dead.   Please Contact Paul Pantone as soon as possible at Paul.Pantone@yahoo.com

To help us rebuild and get back on the road to sharing this revolutionary technology  with the world, please make a donation of any amount by clicking the button below.


October GEET News

GEET Africa is now signing up students for the first classes in Cape Town, South Africa.
For information and details contact them direct;

The GEET Netherlands Class is now allowing visitors and school sign-ups.
Contact them at dutchpatriot@gmail.com

Canada GEET classes are in signup mode.
Send email to joshthegasfitter@gmail.com

In New Hampshire:
Jeremy Marcotte at:

Brendan at brendan.geetin@yahoo.ie

Skúli Barker at skuli@benhur.is

Seiichi at iexpress21@gmail.com

London, dan.easton101@yahoo.co.uk

Brazil, Australia, and many other locations opening soon!

A note from GEET Inventor Paul Pantone:

The sale of the books and recent radio show interviews around the world are bringing GEET out quickly.
I can now do the teaching on Skype and this is much easier on the students.
Classes are no longer generalized, but given based on what your specific needs.
I am trying to get set up before the end of the year for webinars, based
on each discovery. So you can pick and choose the level or subjects you wish to study.

A few producers have approached me offering to do the GEET story and have informed them;
I am not funding the program, unless I own it. If you fund it, you may market it as you wish (though I will retain final editing rights), or If I am paying I will hire cameramen and editors and do it my way.

We are presently accepting submissions of new products for our stamp of “GEET Green” approval.
Once the finished products are ready for shipping we will be posting
each one with details on our site at www.geetinternational.com
We will be showing other products for all of our Dealers on our affiliates page.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who bought the ebook
of GEET and sent letters as to how much you learned and how exciting the
contents are. Thank You, as this motivates me to want to write many
other books for your knowledge.

Paul Pantone

New Radio Interview:


The special guest for this broadcast of Pateo Radio was Paul Pantone (1950). He is the inventor of a self-induced plasma generator named GEET. This abbreviation stands for “Global Environmental Energy Technology” (the word “geet” also means the scent God gave to the flowers blooming in Spring). As the powers that want to control life on this planet are trying all they can to prevent inventions like GEET to have a real impact, Paul was unlawfully imprisoned for three and a half years in the Utah State Mental Hospital. On May 12, 2009, he was released. For more information on him, visit GEET Friends.net and GEET International.com, where you can purchase his first book titled ‘The Book of GEET’ is. In this episode of the Pateo Radio talk show, Paul and host Johan Oldenkamp talked about how the Energy Revolution will change our lives the moment we allow it to happen.

New Radio Interview:

Paul Pantone, the Inventor of GEET, an add-on “Plasma Reactor” to any gasoline or Diesel engine allowing it to burn alternative fuels and attain remarkable efficiency, returns to Feet to the Fire to talk about his new book and the amazing troubles he has had from people and organizations acting to suppress -or outright steal- his GEET system   Click HERE to download the interview.  The interview with Paul Pantone starts around ~00:59:00

Inventor Paul Pantone Attacked and Robbed at Gunpoint: Click below to read the article.

September GEET News Letter:

The first batch of printed books is now in route. News of the robbery will be updated on a separate page to be posted soon. Due to a current investigation all details are being withheld at this time. Some details have been released on radio shows. Listen to them on our archive section to the right.

Our school in London will be open by the end of September. Ireland is now booking its first classes now at; brendan.geetin@yahoo.ie For USA east coast contact Jeremy; Happy Friday Evening to You! There is a lot of great news to share today and before I get into that this email is to remind you of the upcoming class scheduled for September. The dates are September 19th and 20th

Class Price – $1000!!! What is included in the class –
Large and Small Engine Plans
Study Materials
Digital Copy of “The Book of GEET”

Other Alternative Energy Information in Digital Form. Typical Class will consist of a day of theory and a day of Hands on. Granted, when we get going that may get thrown out the window. You can sign up for the class by paying through PayPal. Payments will be made to: geetrofits@yahoo.com Please be sure to put in the Comments section of your payment September 19th/20th Class. I only say this because I am going to accept payments for future classes at the current rate until the end of the year.


My wife and I are weeks away from closing on a home in New Hampshire! What does this mean for you you may ask? It means there will be a permanent class location AND as I teach more classes and grow, the classes will be more hands on to the point you may be able to build a GEET unit IN HOUSE! That is to say a demo unit, or your own lawnmower/genset.

Jeremy Marcotte; geetrofits@yahoo.com

Classes soon in Australia, South Africa, Iceland, Brazil, Ecuador and other locations.
For classes in Canada, contact Josh at:

For all locations you may contact Paul Pantone at paul.pantone@yahoo.com

All other Dealers are now being asked to open training for the public. Now is the time to begin teaching all over the world. After this last robbery, I am having things built by Dealers here in America and in other countries. Products will be out soon.

Before the robbery My son and I had built two digesters and now they are being built in Ireland. As the results are available we will post on this site. During the next few days the machine invented by Dan Easton to read the GEET rod will have a link here.

Many other new discoveries will appear on our site to validate all new discoveries so the thieves cannot begin to make claims for our discoveries.

We are now preparing to file civil actions.

After 37 years I will not give up. Any financial help will be spent on attorneys to go after these crooks. There were many new things under testing procedures when the theft occurred, and the people involved had no idea what they were stealing. Some information is lost for now but other testing was complete and will be published in book 2 of GEET, now being written.

Paul Pantone

August News Letter:

The powers that be, tried last Tuesday night to stop this book from being published. I was held six and half hours at gun point while three thugs loaded my computers, documents, and tools into their truck. Thankfully the book had already been completed, copyrights in place and ISBNs applied for. All I got to leave with was my clothes and $40. So the profits from this book will be to replace all tools and working GEET units, furniture, and personal items that were stolen by these guys that called themselves patriots.

Currently the E-book is available on the company website for $29.95. The paper back be available soon for $39.95USD +shipping ($7.00USD) inside the U.S. shipped in 3-4 weeks. The Hardback will include the plans, and will be $500.00USD autographed with up to 2 sentences and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

As some of you know I, like other inventors have been stopped several times, and each time I come back stronger. I am not a quitter. Within a few weeks I will have product to view and a place for classes again. Your support in buying the plans or book will help me get there quicker. Remember helping me now is like kicking the government where they need it most.

Always, working to help mankind.


Order plans and book at www.geetinternational.com


Previous GEET News;

Mr. Pantone has plans available, for an educational donation of $350.00 USD. You will find more information about the plans below.

For the $350.00 USD you are licensed to put the GEET on one small engine (up to 20 hp) and one generator (up to 20hp).  Only one automotive application per license.  These licenses are restricted for your personal use only. You may not copy or transfer/share to another person. By making a $350.00 USD donation for educational purposes, you are agreeing to put the technology in a small engine FIRST.  It is highly recommended to master the operation of GEET on a small engine before moving on to using it on a larger generator or vehicle. Otherwise you could spend 10 times your money and a lot of frustration on your part and mine, just trying to build the car first.

We want our customers to be happy.  Help is available from various qualified Licensed GEET Instructors trained directly by Paul Pantone

To prepay for the plans you can click the donate button below

A note from GEET Inventor Paul Pantone;

I am not sharing any knowledge beyond for those who purchase plans to those who are Dealers. After 37 years and all that I have endured, I am becoming a private person. Many people say they are working with me, and they are not. Some claim they are authorized to use my copyrighted materials and they have no such rights. If someone has asked you for this information and you question their authenticity, drop me a line by email, and I will let you know.( paul.pantone@yahoo.com )

Many Inventors from around the world have asked for my help and I will now handle what is needed so they do not hit the walls that I have.

Plans will still be available. Check site for details. www.geetinternational.com

This news just hit Yahoo… this says it all, YOU don’t OWN your car..


If this is made into law, there will be no use for the GEET or any other device that can make better mileage.

Keep smiles on your face and people will wonder what you have done.

Paul Pantone


The Book of GEET –  Click here to support The Book of GEET by Jeremy Marcotte


Click here to support The Book of GEET by Jeremy Marco…Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Today I am asking for your help. My name is Jeremy, I am a disabled veteran and have been involved with Paul Pantone…
View on www.gofundme.com Preview by Yahoo






For our Veteran Homestead Project –  Click here to support Veterans Homestead Project by Julie Hannon

Click here to support Veterans Homestead Project by Juli…Project Homestead for Disabled, Misguided and Homeless Veterans This project is going to be run and managed by a personal longtime friend of mine. His name is J…
View on www.gofundme.com Preview by Yahoo



Prime-Time ! NBC highlight reccomending GEET to clean Gulf Oil Spill.

At the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2010 Several Licensed GEET dealers demonstrated GEET running on mixtures, including gasoline, water, coffee, soda, liquified sugar and more, while almost completely eliminating pollution. Full DVD sets of the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference are available from Tesla Tech. Special Thanks to Tesla Tech for putting on the best ExtraOrdinary Technology Event to date!

MUST SEE ! Running on pure crude oil showing NO POLLUTION!

Here is GEET showing emissions that are cleaner, and contain more oxygen than the air we are breathing now!

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We are not government funded. Please make a donation for further development of GEET.

Hi Everyone,
Many long awaited advancements are currently being made in our labs and on the net…
Thank you for being patient while we are rebuilding GEETInternational.com
Please Email  Paul.Pantone@yahoo.com with any and all requests comments and inquiries.
If you are interested in becoming a Licensed GEET Dealer email Paul.Pantone@yahoo.com

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