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November Update for GEET International;



We have moved from New Mexico to Oak Grove, Kentucky. We should have classes again in just a week or two. We will only hold classes for Dealers year round. We will have one more class in Late November or early December. The date will be posted at www.geetinternational.com

Our new facility will have many of the GEET and other inventions on display. Some public viewings will be posted at our website as we develop a calendar of events.

Paul Pantone will be focusing most of his time on writing new science books and continued education of all ( old ) and new discoveries. New workers will begin building GEETs on cars, trucks and Generators for the future Dealers for their training and education.

Using some of the discoveries that were made with GEET will now be applied to existing ways to use with your current equipment without a modify. These new products may be posted soon at our site. We are saying may, because there are some companies, outside of this country, where they are more willing accept GEET for what it can do.
Around the 11th of October, Latino History channel did a special on the inventor, Paul Pantone. As soon as we have permission we will be posting it at our site. The overwhelming response shows how they are interested in GEET throughout,, Spanish speaking countries, thank you.

As to what has taken so long to get GEET to you, ask your government. In 1951 Congress passed a law that gives this great Government control over any Patent or Idea they want, by simply taking it, without necessarily paying anyone for using it (or hiding it), and calling it National Security. But, don’t jump on them too quick, as almost all countries have similar laws, to make sure their income from fuel is not disrupted.

We take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have come to school to learn as we tried to teach all we were allowed. Not all people can understand all of the discoveries, as they cling to the falsehoods they learned in the public school systems.

The teaching will go on as long as there is technology to teach and there is a lot to teach. By the first of the year a schedule should be available for those in many countries for classes.

From December 1st to the 5th there will be a class in Oak Grove Kentucky with Paul Pantone. This 5 day class will be on 1st pay basis. Classes are for those who have need for basic training for pre-Dealership qualification. For information contact Paul Pantone at 580-251-0651. We have limited space.

Plans are available and with help. Call.
Paul Pantone

2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
Albuquerque, New Mexico • July 30-August 3, 2014
  Hosted by TeslaTech

GEET  Demonstration to be held at ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference for more information go to http://teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm


250kw Waukesha Generator with new controls being fired up, still awaiting load bank for testing. Here is new link to You tube video. http://youtu.be/Lmo4hP22Hv8




Prime-Time ! NBC highlight reccomending GEET to clean Gulf Oil Spill.

At the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2010 Several Licensed GEET dealers demonstrated GEET running on mixtures, including gasoline, water, coffee, soda, liquified sugar and more, while almost completely eliminating pollution. Full DVD sets of the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference are available from Tesla Tech. Special Thanks to Tesla Tech for putting on the best ExtraOrdinary Technology Event to date!

MUST SEE ! Running on pure crude oil showing NO POLLUTION!

Here is GEET showing emissions that are cleaner, and contain more oxygen than the air we are breathing now!



We are not government funded. Please make a donation for further development of GEET.

Hi Everyone,
Many long awaited advancements are currently being made in our labs and on the net…
Thank you for being patient while we are rebuilding GEETInternational.com
Please Email  Paul.Pantone@yahoo.com with any and all requests comments and inquiries.
If you are interested in becoming a Licensed GEET Dealer email Paul.Pantone@yahoo.com or call him directly at (580) 251-0651


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