August News Letter

August News Letter:

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The powers that be, tried last Tuesday night to stop this book from being published. I was held six and half hours at gun point while three thugs loaded my computers, documents, and tools into their truck. Thankfully the book had already been completed, copyrights in place and ISBNs applied for. All I got to leave with was my clothes and $40. So the profits from this book will be to replace all tools and working GEET units, furniture, and personal items that were stolen by these guys that called themselves patriots.

Currently the E-book is available on the company website for $29.95. The paper back be available soon for $39.95USD +shipping ($7.00USD) inside the U.S. shipped in 3-4 weeks. The Hardback will include the plans, and will be $500.00USD autographed with up to 2 sentences and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

As some of you know I, like other inventors have been stopped several times, and each time I come back stronger. I am not a quitter. Within a few weeks I will have product to view and a place for classes again. Your support in buying the plans or book will help me get there quicker. Remember helping me now is like kicking the government where they need it most.

Always, working to help mankind.


Order plans and book at


Greetings from GEET.

Due to the workload on Paul Pantone, the time usually dedicated to teaching is now more valuable being spent in the laboratory and writing books for the future generations. With over 180 Scientific Discoveries to validate; Paul’s time is now better spent in the lab where he can dedicate his attention to these projects. Paul will still offer focused training for those wishing to become licensed dealers. The price of this 4-day, one-on-one training will now be $5,000. For details contact Paul directly via email at
There are also classes available in Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Europe, and soon in Pakistan, India, China, and Russia. these classes vary in price depending on complexity and duration.

Dan Easton will be holding a class in the UK for beginners. It is an informal one-day demonstration of how and why the GEET works. Enough to whet your appetite. Each school will deal direct with you to give you the best education they can for the economy of the country where the class may be held.
For a current schedule of what is offered in any Geographic location, send your inquiry stating your desired location to:
Your emails will be forwarded to the proper Dealer for response.

The 225 and 250kW gensets are being completed as we speak and will begin testing before the end of this year.