The ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2017 is happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico this month, July 26th – 30th!

Register at

GEET International Institute will be teaching a 2-day GEET workshop afterwords, the 30th and 31st!

$400* discount if you sign up for both by Friday, July 14th:
*Register for the conference by this Friday, and whatever you pay for it, we’ll reduce from your workshop fee!
If you attend all 4 days of the conference for $399.95 the price of the workshop goes from $1,500 down to $1,100!


Workshop Includes:

Book of GEET Volume 1 (ebook)
Hands on training of small engine
1 year tech support
History of GEET
Practical Applications

We try to keep it simple. 1 day of Theory and 1 day of hands on. This will allow ample time to answer questions that may arise.

Payment for this class can be made through the PayPal donation button on the right-hand side of this page or if you have a paypal account, you can send directly to “friends & family” to to avoid making us pay a transfer fee.

If you can’t make it to the conference or workshop the following are ways you can get started in understanding how GEET works and how to make your own!:
Plans with Tech Support – $300
Book of GEET ebook – $30

See you all soon!

David Pantone
and the rest of The GEET International Institute Team

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GEET Classes are currently being offered in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, England, Iceland and Ireland and The Netherlands.  Classes to start soon in and Brazil and Australia!

To learn the cutting edge science behind the GEET Fuel Processor contact your local instructor. To become a Licensed GEET Instructor contact or submit your message in the form on the bottom of this page

As always, GEET plans with technical support are also available.  read below for details.


United States GEET Classes:

Jeremy Marcotte,

Canada GEET Classes:

Call Josh 403 815 6507

England GEET Classes:

To sign up for GEET Classes in London, England contact Licensed GEET Instructor
Dan Easton at

Ireland GEET Classes:

To sign up for GEET Classes in Ireland contact Licensed GEET Instructor
Brendan Geetin at

Iceland GEET Classes:

To sign up for GEET Classes in Iceland contact Licensed GEET Instructor
Skúli Barker

The Netherlands GEET Classes:

Netherlands GEET School is now allowing visitors and school sign-ups.

Japan GEET Classes:

To sign up for GEET Classes in Japan contact Licensed GEET Instructor
Seiichi at

Africa GEET Classes:

Now accepting student sign-ups for the first African GEET Classes in Cape Town, South Africa. For information and details contact direct;

GEET Plans:

Mr. Pantone has plans available, for an educational donation1
of $350.00 USD. You will find more information about the
plans below.
For the $350.00 USD you are licensed to put the GEET on one
small engine (up to 20 hp) and one generator (up to 20hp).
Only one automotive application per license.  These licenses
are restricted for your personal use only. You may not copy
or transfer/share to another person. By making a $350.00 USD
donation for educational purposes, you are agreeing to put
the technology in a small engine FIRST.
It is highly recommended to master the operation of GEET on
a small engine before moving on to using it on a larger
generator or vehicle. Otherwise you could spend 10 times
your money and a lot of frustration on your part and mine,
just trying to build the car first.

To prepay for the plans you can click the PayPal donate button below.

For GEET Dealer or Instructor training contact GEET Inventor Paul Pantone by filling out the form below.

World-Wide Classes

To attend a class other than Paul’s in Kentucky, U.S.  check out our Affiliates page and News page.  You can also request further information by emailing us at, and we will refer you to your nearest Licensed GEET Instructor.


Greetings from GEET,

Due to the workload on Paul Pantone, the time usually dedicated to teaching is now more valuable being spent in the laboratory and writing books for the future generations. With over 180 Scientific Discoveries to validate; Paul’s time is now better spent in the lab where he can dedicate his attention to these projects. Paul will still offer focused training for those wishing to become licensed dealers. The price of this 4-day, one-on-one training will now be $5,000. For details contact Paul directly by email at
There are also classes available in Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Europe, and soon in Pakistan, India, China, and Russia. these classes vary in price depending on complexity and duration.

The 225 and 250kW gensets are being completed as we speak and will begin testing before the end of this year.

A message from GEET Inventor Paul Pantone

There will be many other locations opening soon.

The sale of the books and radio shows around the world are bringing the GEET out quickly. I can now do the teaching on Skype and this is much easier on the students. Classes are given based on what your needs are, not generalized.
I am trying to get set up before the end of the year for webinars, based on each discovery. So you pick and choose the level or subjects you wish.
A few producers have approached me to do the GEET story and I have let them know I am not funding the program, unless I own it. You and you market, or If I am paying I will hire cameramen and editors and do it my way.

Once the finished products are ready for shipping we will be posting each one with details on our site at

We will be showing other products for all of our Dealers on or affiliates page.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who bought the ebook of GEET and sent letters as to how much you learned and how exciting the contents are. Thank You, as this will motivate me to want to write many other books for your knowledge.
Paul Pantone


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