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Prime-Time ! NBC highlight reccomending GEET to clean Gulf Oil Spill.

Chevy truck with a V-8 running on a weed eater carburetor for the idle circuit and an XR 50 carb for the throttle

Alternative Fuel Generator, twin vertical geet reactor

Dutch gentleman demonstrates GEET demo unit

GEET Fuel Processor Generator by Paul Pantone – 80% Water

The Geet Guys present a GEET demo

Paul Pantone GEET International on AllDayLive with Mathew Gordon & Host Will P. Wilson

geet setup on ford falcon australian model 87 wagon

In this two-part video presentation you will see a perfect solution to pollution and fuel shortage problems.  You will see how corporate rejection, ridicule from the media, hostile take-over attempts, political corruption, blackmail, torture, and patent infringement have been standing between you and this solution since 1983.  However, from beyond these struggles has emerged a promising future, both plentiful and ecological.
Watch part 1&2 of this video to see how the open-sourcing of this technology has created a gateway to the public.  The solution is a technology called GEET, which stands for “Global Environmental Energy Technology”.

Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies by founder, Sterling Allan at 2010 Earth Transformation conference.  Sterling begins to talk about  GEET at 2:55 into this video.

At the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2010 Several Licensed GEET dealers demonstrated GEET running on  mixtures, including gasoline, water, coffee, soda, liquified sugar and more, while almost completely eliminating pollution.  Full DVD sets of the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference are available from Tesla Tech.  Special Thanks to Tesla Tech for putting on the best ExtraOrdinary Technology Event to date!

Paul from The GEET Guys (Licensed GEET Dealer) shows their GEET Demo engine running on an made-on-demand-fuel of mostly water, and almost completely eliminating pollution.

Licensed GEET Dealers, Eco Pro, Compared a GEET generator to a factory-stock generator.

The GEET had:
20-50% extendend run-time,
great reductions in pullution,
lower exhaust temperature,
Much lower levels of CO

Digital camera filming a source of electrical noise captures anomaly.

Does it seem like these newscasters are skeptical?

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